Stress & Hair Loss

Stress & Hair Loss

2022 has already been a year hasn't it! We've been noticing an increase in women reporting hair loss. I'm pretty sure most of us know that stress can play havoc with our bodies and cause hair loss.

If I have a client saying their hair is falling out the first question I ask is... "Are you stressed?" shortly followed by it is normal to lose up to 100 hairs a day. Another thing to consider, is it hair loss or is it breakage? An easy way to tell is to have a look at your hair strands next time they fall out. Is there a tiny little ball on the end? That's the hair root. Heck! You should read on.

Besides genetics, one of the most common causes for hair loss in women is stress. “This can be emotional, such as suffering the loss of a loved one, or physical stress such as a severe illness or major surgery,” says Dr. Carolyn Krieg at Parsley Health.  “There is frequently a delay of a few months between the onset of the stress and the appearance of hair loss. Likewise, it can take months after the stress is over to notice your hair loss improve.”


  1. Digital Detox... self explanatory yea? Disconnect from technology and connect with each other. Metaphorically turn on do not disturb, stay off screens at least 1 hour before bed. Try reading a book and doing some stretching and mediation. There's a lot of free meditation apps you can easily download.
  2. Gentle Movement of the Body... Anyone who knows me, also knows I've spent most of my life flogging my body with high intensity exercise. Speaking from experience, over exercising is a form of stress and can do a lot of wacky things to the body including hair loss. Try gentle forms of exercise like Walking, Yoga or Pilates and get a hit of endorphins which will ultimately lead to better sleep.
  3. Practice Self Love... Do the things that make you feel good! Watch a funny show, DIY facial and hair treatment, soak in a warm bath, get your nails done. Cool your favourite nutritious food. You get the idea! When we feel good, we set the tone for our body to heal.

If you're experiencing stress related hair loss know that you aren't alone. I've experienced it myself and it's very stressful! Wait... we're not supposed to stress! Heck!

How do you incorporate more self care into your life? Are you looking for product suggestions?

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