Carbon Neutral Shipping

Every time an order is processed and shipped, we make a small contribution to purchase carbon removal credits from companies that are a part of the Shopify Sustainability Fund, creating technologies and solutions that pull carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and store it long term.  Each company that's chosen to be supported is working toward a shared goal of finding innovative ways to create a more sustainable future. They’ve all created solutions that could truly revolutionize their sector and make an impactful contribution to reversing climate change at scale. 


Running Tide just completed the FIRST EVER carbon removal in the open ocean!

Running Tide is one of the incredible companies that is backed by the Shopify Sustainability Fund and they just completed something ground-breaking.

Running Tide conducted its pilot off the coast of Iceland, where they sank just over 1,000 tonnes of biomass to the ocean floor, 1,600 meters below sea level, where the carbon will be safely stored for centuries to millennia, instead of ending up in the Earth’s atmosphere.



Eco Friendly Packaging

Did you know that a traditional plastic mailer takes 300 years to break down? Don't worry we use 100% home compostable packaging, and the whole process is finished within six months. Traditional plastic bubble wrap is partly responsible for 14 million metric tonnes of plastic waste ending up in the ocean every year. So we us Hex Wrap instead. It is fully compostable and it's also recyclable.

Did you know every 30 seconds, this much plastic finds its way into our oceans 💩!

Did you know every 30 seconds, this much plastic finds its way into our oceans 💩! .


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