What Our Clients Say..

"I am pumped!! Embracing my curls thanks to Belle. I've had hairdressers tell me how to use products in the past, but Belle explained the why and how it works! So friendly, welcoming and truly understands the needs of curly and blonde people. Thank you Belle!"




Ladies Style Cut & Blow Dry $115.50

Rapid Curl $115.50 (NO Washing or Drying)
Curly Hair Cut & Hydration // First Visit $357.50
Curly Hair Cut  & Hydration // Follow Up Visit $214.50

* Curly Haircut Appointments - We require you to come in with your hair in its natural state, washed (not co-washed) on day 1 or 2 and not tied up in a ponytail etc. Hair must be dry but products in your hair are fine.

Includes curl by curl dry haircut, scalp scrub, detox, hydration and diffuse dry.

Hair Styling

Blowdry $88
- Extra Long Thick Hair $132
Upstyle from $132

Permanent Keratin Hair Straightening $467.50

Colour Services

Panel Foils from $247.50
1/2 Head Foils from $269.50
Full Head Foils from $324.50
Global Colour from $203.50
Blonde Scalp Bleach from $247.50
Creative Colour from $429
Balayage from $357.50
Colour Correction from $660

Extra Long Thick Hair $55

Pure Colour Optimising Treatment $49.50
Innersense Organic Beauty Scalp Scrub, Detox & Hydration Treatment  $137.50
K18 $55



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